What are Your Best Instagram Moments of 2014?

Iconosquare, the Instagram webviewer, has this cool feature where they crunch a year-in-review video of your top Instagram content that you can share with your followers. Check out how it looks like.

My top posts in 2014 are dominated by doodles. I’ve been seriously getting into this over the past few months. It’s therapeutic.

Currently, I’m trying to find and improve on my own signature style. I love that there are so many inspirational artists on IG! I can’t count how many illustrators and tattoo artists I follow.

Aside from doodles, there are plenty more Instagram moments that were special to me in 2014. Algorithm-driven content only gives you a quantitative perspective of data, not the qualitative. If you want to figure out which were your top engaging Instagram content, this is great. But they may not necessarily be your personal favourites.

I would suggest using Flipagram to curate your own personally meaningful posts. You can share the end product on Insta and other social platforms.

On a side note, whether you’re using Instagram for personal or business, I recommend you take a look at Iconosquare. They display your engagement stats and more (even which filters work best); they have conversation management and search features; and they also aggregate topline IG account data by industries.