Effective Inbound Marketing with Hubspot!

I got myself a Hubspot Inbound Marketing certificate last November. It’s a free online marketing course teaching the fundamentals of inbound marketing. If you’re involved in content marketing, web development or e-commerce, I highly recommend it.

I’ve always been meaning to upgrade my marketing skills through courses but never had the time till recently. So I got around to pursuing this Hubspot cert, as well as my recent YouTube Audience Development cert, among others. I only knew of Hubspot as an Inbound marketing resource, but didn’t realise they offered certifications for both public and their customers.

This Hubspot Inbound certification course covers:

1. Ways you can attract visitors to your site
2. How to convert visitors into leads
3. How to close leads into clients
4. Ways to delight your customers so they’ll be brand evangelists and attract more leads.

There are about 11 classes in the Inbound marketing course. Each video lesson is about 30mins, conducted by Hubspot instructors. I estimate 2 weeks is more than enough time to complete everything. I set aside one day per lesson before taking the exam.

The lessons were informative. You’ll take away useful tips and advice from each lesson. Besides the videos, Hubspot provides documents to download for offline reference.

Hubspot offers a wealth of technical expertise in Inbound marketing. There are some great pointers to convert your Inbound tactics into action. Whether you get certified or not, I think it’s useful to understand what’s an effective inbound marketing strategy. Especially as businesses increase reliance on online traffic and e-commerce these days.

Should you try it? Definitely worth a shot if you’re involved in marketing or sales. Potential beneficiaries:

  • For brand marketers who oversee site development, content and/or e-commerce.
  • For agency execs involved in content and web development.
  • For business owners who rely on web visitors for transactions and promotions.

Learn more about the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate. You’ll need to register on Hubspot first, but it’s free and totally worth it! Also, don’t forget to check out the Hubspot Academy for tips on inbound marketing.