Free Social Media Conference by MarketingProfs

During my sabbatical, I’ve signed up for some free webinars and virtual conferences to upgrade my marketing skills. There’s an upcoming free conference that sounds interesting – a Social Media Marketing conference by MarketingProfs on February 13 at 11am ET.

MarketingProfs Social Media Marketing conference

This Social Media Marketing conference will feature three speakers who will share how you can achieve more out of your social media marketing efforts.

The main tracks cover:

1. The New Gospel of SEO: Search + Social + Branding
How SEO and social media work together to create brand experiences.

2. Keynote: Why Brands are Stuck on “Like” and Failing at “Love”
How to use real-time marketing and digital marketing to grow deeper and loyal relationship with your fans instead of just one-off engagement.

3. Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Up Your Social and Content Marketing
How to pair social media and content marketing together to grow your business.

Why I was attracted to this conference is mainly for the first track. There had been some previous research by Kenshoo on how social media and search can dovetail together to make for a powerful integrated SEO approach. I am keen to learn if this conference expands on that or if I can gain more insights from it.

For the other two tracks, they’re recurring themes I would say. Everyone writes about Social and Content, and how brands suck at creating meaningful engagement. Hopefully there’ll be something new I can take away from the conference. If not, no big loss.

If you’re in Singapore, Feb 13 11am ET = Feb 13, Midnight (+8 GMT). If you can’t make it through the entire four hours of the conference, you can still receive on-demand access for 90 days after the event. Convenient!

Sign up and learn more here.