YouTube Certified – Achievement Unlocked!

The YouTube certificate in Audience Growth has been my target since last October. And I’m proud to share that I have successfully completed this yesterday! Great start to 2015! Why did I want it so badly?

Khazmin YouTube certificateThis achievement means I have successfully completed an in-depth online training program by YouTube covering platform and channel optimisation strategy; audience development strategy; YouTube analytics; rights management and content ID; copyright; as well as how to monetise your channel.

Basically, it gives me a better foundation to help my channel (or my client’s channel) succeed. Although I have managed YouTube channels (including my own), this course was very insightful and educational. There were many things I wouldn’t have known about if I was just doing my own thing.

I admit the certificate didn’t come easy! There were about 6 hours of videos to watch. These covered tips on effective audience growth, managing copyright and content assets on YouTube, and also understanding YouTube reports, among others.

The problem was I never watched the videos together, for various reasons. So I ended up stretching the learning part over 2 months. I was getting restless simply thinking about this outstanding to-do task.

But I finally did it and took the 2-hour YouTube Audience Growth exam, which comprised 100 questions. 75% was the passing score and I managed to achieve slightly over that mark on my first try. Phew.

Many thanks to the informative training videos, and useful reference materials. The YouTube Creator Playbook also offers great tips. You can learn more about YouTube certification here. Can’t attend the course? You can always attend the YouTube Creator Academy. Go for it!