I am starting my website afresh in 2015.

I was sick of the old one. And wanted to streamline what I write about.

This website will host my long(ish)-form thoughts on marketing, advertising, and possibly life in general because I’m such a smart-ass that way.

I want to share info that someone out there will hopefully find useful; share some advice I’ve picked up along the way as I figure life out; and discuss ideas for a better future.

I will continue to share the quick and dirty stuff, such as my Instagram cross-posts, weird links and less serious entertainment stuff like music and such on my Tumblr. I like this current Tumblr, mainly due to the theme I am using.

I’m looking forward to being involved with my website again, and I hope it’ll be fun.

Happy new year.

  • malique

    love the new blog!

    • Thanks! I am liking this template so far. Will update more soon.